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Intake Gaskets -> What is the O-ring provided for?
I recently bought a Felpro 1240 kit to redo my intake gaskets (vac leak) and I was wondering what the O-ring is for. What is it for?

Are there any good instructions as to how to replace these. I know the basics: scrap off old sealant, place new ones one with gasket sealant, 1/4 inch bead of copper rtv on front and back of engine rather than the cork endppieces, let sit overnight.

But want to make sure that I do it right this time.

The o ring is for the distributor. Its easyer to install the intake without the distributor.
Your worklist sounds good, look at the torque spects and coat the bolts with engine oil.

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Dont forget to degrease all gasket surfaces before applying sealer or gaskets. they should be wiped with laquer thinner or acetone and be bone dry for the silicone to adhere well.

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Good point Jorge.

Jeff T.

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