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Installing Weatherstripping
I should be getting my 73 mach 1 back from paint in a week or so.  I purchased new weatherstrip kit (Daniel Carpenter) and could use some advise on what adhesive to use for trunk/doors/tail light.  
1.  What adhesive?
2.  Would clear RTV silicone work in place of weatherstrip adhesive??  
3.  How long should i wait to install on new paint job?
1: 3M BLACK weatherstipping adhesive


2: Absolutely not.

3: Ask your painter, but unless you went with enamel or lacquer, catalyst cured paints are “dry” within 72 hours.

Just a word of warning, the adhesive is "stringy", so be sure to protect your paint from it when applying. Maybe bum some of the plastic masking film from your painter.

Do not use silicone sealant
Use 3M w-strip adhesive
Ask the paint shop how long to wait - that depends on type of paint and if / how it was baked

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On your tail lights. Check to see that the painter got a really good coat of paint on the inside. If he did not just brush some in the tight spot inside. The bracket that has the studs for fastening the plastic tail light gets in the way when spraying.That is why they rusted to start with no coverage in there lots of times just raw steel. The gasket being inside holds water also. If I put anything in there I would use rope calk that does not harden over time or strip windshield sealer. I like the Carpenter gaskets much better than original. Made of better material also. You can get the rope calking at your home improvement store or a automotive paint supply carries it also. Works great around the studs in the quarter panel end caps also. If you have Decor Group trim works great around the studs there also. Anywhere you want to keep water out and need something that can take up the variations in the surface.

[Image: DSC-2161.jpg]

[Image: DSC-2163.jpg]

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+1 on the rope caulk. I've used it a lot.

However, I like duct seal even better. It comes is a dark gray and is stickier than the caulk. It never gets hard, can be used for covering holes in the firewall (heat doesn't bother it), can be painted over. It's just not as handy. It comes in a block and you have to pull off a chunk of it and roll it into a rope shape.

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Don C, I use to use duct seal for packing junction boxes on large electric motors. Are you suggesting using it in place of weatherstrip adhesive or over the studs ebore putting nuts on.
Over the studs. As others have said, 3M weatherstrip adhesive is the best.

Yes, duct seal is used for sealing the ends of electrical conduits, including keeping water out of underground electrical conduit. That is how I found out about it many years ago when one of my jobs was to specify components for underground electrical installations, such as street lighting and traffic signal installations. I had previously observed water flowing out of the lower ends of electrical conduit during rain storms.

“If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough.”
--Albert Einstein
The grey rope caulk can 'migrate' in really hot climates. I used some for the door watershields on an Opel and in the summer it can get soft and stringy. It still works, but if you need to separate it, it can be like gooey cheese.

I think the black caulk is otherwise known as butyl caulk. Autozone used to carry it. A bit less flexible than the grey, but it was also on a roll.
If you have never dealt with weatherstrip adhesive you may find this helpful.


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thanks TommyK, I have bookmarked that video.
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