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Installing shocks
The car is supported with jackstands on the frame rails in the front. I have replaced all of the front suspension, springs, control arms, links, bushings etc. I dropped new shocks in yesterday just to see how they would fit and they and they are not centered in the shock tower when the lower studs are in the holes in the spring perches. If I put a little tension on the piston by hand and push it towards the center of the hole on top they align ok (with one nut only finger tight on one of the studs). I also put a floor jack under the brake drum and raised it slightly. This seems to align everything a little better. I was thinking that when I have WOW (weight on wheels) the shocks will center in the shock towers better??
Yup...everything is normal. No worries.

Let me check your shorts!

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midlife;189589 Wrote:Yup...everything is normal. No worries.
Ok, trying to install shocks. Finally got the lower nuts etc tight on the shock studs through the spring perch. The top ( upper threaded area/ chrome) is very tight against the opening in the shock tower and not centered in the spring. I put the female end of a 3/8ths extension over the end and FORCE it inboard so I can align the three shock tower cap holes and tighten them with the shock centered in the hole on the top.
Thinking maybe putting the wheels on and lower the car to the ground to maybe center everything, then raise it back up remove the wheels and see what I have, then try to install the shocks.
I don't think I should have that much tension to have to align everything....any ideas? It just doesn't feel right to have that much tension and have to force them into position. Everything is new on the suspension.
Yes, this is normal. It probably takes a push equal to thirty pounds to center them. Putting the on it or putting the Jack under that side control arm would help. Even then expect to push it some too.
+1 on other response you've received. Keep making progress. Chuck
c9zx;189958 Wrote:+1 on other response you've received. Keep making progress. Chuck
Thanks for the response..............I never had that much trouble installing shocks before on my '66 when I had it.
I can get the inside lower studs, washers and grommets installed pretty easily, but on the outside stud etc I cannot get the stud far enough through the spring perch to get the lock washer on. I tighten that all down without the lock washer and the force to push the piston to the center of the shock tower seemed excessive. I actually put a tire on and lowered the car to the floor to see if that would help, it did a little as it did when I used a floor jack but there is still a lot of force needed to move that piston. It almost seems like the spring perches aren't rotating when I put weight on the suspension. I will try again........thanks Should I put the shock tower cap on the shock and torque it down before I attach it to the shock tower? Maybe that would give me more leverage.
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