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Installing a new turn signal
If you loosen the bolts holding up 'Bracket B', and the column doesn't come down, then you'll probably need to let it loose at the firewall as well (which may or may not help your efforts - I know having the column dropped basically to the floor helped me immensely).

Good luck!

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Well, I got it to work!

Had to loosen up all these:

[Image: IMG_4394.JPG]

After that I could squeeze the wire through and get it in the exact position the previous wire was.

The result:

The only thing that I didn't yet manage was to get the connectors squeezed together so they click. I find it very hard to do. Any tips on how to squeeze them together so they don't come apart will be much appreciated!
Dielectric grease on the contacts, and a slight film on the connector itself.  Made a big difference when I pushed mine back together this past Saturday.

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See my Frankenstang Album on FB.
i did mine last year was an old scott drake complete kit with the plug i bought back in 2005 and had sitting on a shelf all these years.
I dropped the column just 2 large nuts (after pulling the steering wheel and getting to the original turn signal plate. then just installed the new one. plugged it in and good to go
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