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Installation oilcooler on the FMX (351C-1973)
Advice please,
How to install an oil cooler to an FMX gearbox.
What do I need and how I Install?
Currently have a separate oil cooler with rubber hoses, can I install it without a separate oil pump and what are the correct connection points at the FMX?
Best to use an oil filter on the return line?
Like your recommendations ...
Possibly some pictures of the line in/out points on the FMX.
Eddy if you are not in a hurry I'll be doing the oilcooler thing soon myself just waiting to get the trans back .I will be getting braided hose from the box to the cooler with screw on fittings as I'm not keen on cutting and clamping and I will not be going into the rad just have to figure out cooler size .I could give you the guy's number and he could make you up a set of lines.
are you running a standard converter? why do you want a cooler?
you don't need a seperate pump or filter
Do you know that the steel pipes going into the radiator are the transmisson cooling pipes?
You don't need an extra pump or filter. The benefits: your tranny will last longer and your engine will be less likely to overheat. It's very common to add a cooler if you tow a trailer, so you can ask a trailer shop for an install or advice.
The cooler mounts in front of the radiator.
Your tranny currently runs 2 steel ATF lines into the bottom of the radiator to cool the tranny.
There are actually coils inside the radiator with ATF running thru them.
Just disconnect one of the steel lines and put the cooler in series with the radiator cooler.
(connect one hose of the cooler to the radiator nipple and the other hose to the steel line).

1971 Mach1
C6 is history-->>now TKO-500
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