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ignition switch bypassed
okay guys i bought this 73 and he had replaced the starter solenoid and voltage reg. however it will not start with key so he had it so that you must flip a toggle switch thats wired to the soleniod and then push a button that one wires goes to pos terminal on coil.....the other i dont know where yet. my qs is this is it common and possible that the ignition switch is bad and is it like a chevy and located on the column.?thanks in advance
The ignition switch is located on the top side of the steering column several inches down from where the key inserts. I have no idea how common it is for them to go bad, but it doesn't take much to drop the steering column so you could pull the switch and test it. Do you have the original key?

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yes have the original key,im hoping thats the prob is the switch,looks like it may be bypassed.thanks
Most likely the switch, could be the harness.

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Glad you have the original key, saves you the hassle of trying to get the ignition cylinder out without it! You can do a simple check on the switch itself by unplugging the black connector under that dash on the right side of the steering column. I believe that is the one that the ignition switch goes through. I can look at the wiring diagrams when I get home to let you know which pins it should be if you're interested. Thankfully the ignition switch for the 73 is actually cheaper than the one for the 71-72 Smile sometimes we get lucky!

2013 Ford Focus SE Flex Fuel 5spd - Daily Driver
I have seen the switch come loose before and the rod not push the switch all the way to activate the starter relay. The switch is mounted with slotted holes for adjustment and sometimes its out of adjustment. I had that problem with mine.


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thanks guys and yes the switch feels loose as i turn the keys....just like its not engaging anything
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