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Ignition switch?

So I've got a 71 Grandé and its been sitting outside for about 12 years. Now when I go to turn the key on, nothing happens. Like nothing at all, no gauges, no lights, nothing. And yes the battery is charged lol I'm thinking rust has gotten into the wiring somewhere, but don't want to have to pull the entire dash apart if I don't have to. Any suggestions?


P.S. Great forum, love it Smile
start by checking the solenoid on the passenger side fender-it may be non functional. With the key on there should be voltage at both of the front small posts. Coming off of one of those front small posts you'll find a fusible link-when it burns out the wire will have a soft spot. This is designed to protect the wiring harness from an overload and subsequent fire.

My bet is that it is the fusible link. If you find the soft spot, you can strip back and twist the wire together until you replace it. Just replace it properly before any actual driving so you don't end up stranded. Fusible link wire is available at Napa.

Solenoids are likewise inexpensive parts. (They are really relays, but everyone calls them starter solenoids)

If you haven't used an electric meter before you should learn the basics and get yourself one. The following link will give you most everything you need to know. When you get a meter, your instructions will be helpful in filling in the diofferences


A good meter isn't expensive, but even a $10.00 multimeter can give you all the necessary information for automotive testing most of the time.

[Image: 1_01_07_15_8_53_18.png]

"I love my Hookers!" and "Get some Strange" probably have a different connotation to non automotive enthusiasts!
Agree with Jeff's suggestions
Also look for wires mice may have chewed thru

Ohio Mustang Supply

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Ya, I'm also thinking mice possibly... I have seen mouse crap in places. And when I turn the key on, no power goes anywhere, not to the solenoid, or coil, or alternator, just nowhere. The car stays dead, as if I haven't done anything. In the past I had an ignition switch issue where it wouldn't kick over the starter, so I wired in a push button to the starter. I would just turn the key to "run" position and push the starter button, but now the run position doesn't get power to anything. Its like nothing is happening in the column.
Ignition switches are loaded with dielectric grease when assembled. After setting many years I've seen the grease actually prevent a good electrical connection. I support the ideas of troubleshotting everything with a meter but that can be tough for some car guys. Crafting your skills with that online training is a resource that will help you. The switch is located on top of the column just under the dash. That would be my first guess. I've seen mice damage insulation and cause shorts. But I haven't seen them chew the wire in half. I'd replace the fuses first. They can corrode inside and still look good.
Nice explanation for the electrophobians of this world!
Using A Multipmeter

Let me check your shorts!

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