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If you see one Please let me know
Since buying my Mustang 3 years ago a lot more parts are available today than were 3 years ago.

The front console ashtray repop is available and Don at Ohio Mustang stock these thumb However when it comes to the rear ashtray i cannot find a repop anywhere. So if at some point in the future you see a repop for sale or a NOS or you come across a used one that has never extinguished a cigarette and still has a good shiney layer of plating Please let me know.

It may only be a small part that has no bearing on the cars performance and you will never know the inside of the ashtray is pitted and ugly BUT in the back of my mind i will know and every time i get in the car i will know and it will bug me until i put it right so any help would be greatly appreciated.

1971 Grandé
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