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Idiot lites and gauges
            I finally got into installing my eBay purchased dash panel with gauges. I want to connect them up so that I also retain the original factory idiot lites so I am trying to research my wiring ideas hoping to not fry something. I installed a Rocketman retro Tach and ran new wires to the igniton coil and a switched power source and a good ground so that should be ok. I also had Rocketman rework the amp meter into a volt meter, which I connected to the same switched power source and ground as the tach.

Now for the fun stuff. I ran new wires into the engine bay for both a new temp sensor and a new oil pressure sending unit ( neither of which have I installed or connected yet). In the dash I connected the wires to the oil and temp gauges direct via the factory plug that came with my eBay purchase. Oil to # 31 white/ red stripe and temp to #39 red with white stripe. I connected the #60 Black-LG D wire to the back right stud of the gas gauge which is the same as #7 terminal on the pc harness plug which should be the regulated (5.5volt) source. The #57 solid black wire (lites ground) I connected to ground. #19 LB-R is connected to the dash lights/dimmer circuit. The Y-LTG wire of the plug which is now on the - side of the new volt meter I also connected to ground. The R-O wire of the plug which is now the + side of the volt meter is connected to the same switched power (12v) as the new style Rocketman Tach red wire.

Does this sound correct? Next weekend I hope to install my new sending units and connect them.
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