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Ideas Where To Buy Engine Block?
(01-12-2020, 12:59 AM)icejawa Wrote: Still looking
Patience Grasshopper!

All good parts will come in their time.  I have been collecting parts for 20 plus years.  When desperate you can pay premium for the same part that is free or $20 at the next swap meet circuit.  We all do it.  When the shop gets too crowded or we get restoration burnout, we let those shop corner anchors go just to see the floor again.

Good luck.  Keep searching the forums and think outside the box.  Mustang forums, boss forums, West Coast Classic Cougar, truck forums, Mercury forums, Pantera forums, Torino forums.

I was looking for a reverse lockout rod fro the original Hurst shifter for years.  I saw Ebay prices hit $300+, then one day I found a bead blasted original unit that I ended up winning for $50.

Keep your eyes peeled and keep asking.
I agree with patience. It took me a year to find one within a 4-hour driving distance. I just wanted a block and was not interested in the date code. I lucked out and got a standard bore '72 Q code 4-bolt engine.

Even when you do find the correct date code block it still won't have the correct partial VIN.

“If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough.”
--Albert Einstein
Just saw on Facebook DOAE Clevelands for $400.

Some Guy named Robert Martin Clevelands Forever 351C.net.  I can find it on my phone but not on the PC.


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