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I think we should all be ready for the China Virus

3d printer I have and all the filament comes from Wuhon province. :o
So I doubt you are getting any supplies.
That is crazy that they can see from space that they are cremating so many it has polluted the air.
I have been looking at some of the smuggled video and they were actually boarding up the entrances to the apartment buildings so no one can get out. They put war time restrictions on Wuhon and that district. Nobody is allowed to leave their apartments. Not like here with individual homes, apartment buildings are usually around 40 stories and maybe 4 elevators that all residents have to use. Have parking garage underground. So it would be easy to spread a virus in that confined space.
Don't know what they do for food. Most do not have lots of food on hand. Shopping is convenient so you do not have to stock up. But if you cannot leave and nobody going to work it might get tough.
I lived in a sort of deluxe apartment that was only 5 stories with no elevator I was on second floor. All of the apartments are gated and have guards so they can for sure stop any one leaving. 
The two officials over the health in the area were removed from office and I would expect them to be executed which happens a lot if you do not do your job as an official.  They were remove for not acting quick enough and serious enough to prevent the spread. Millions fled Wuhon before they shut down travel sending sick all over China. 
I was going to take a short job following some tooling in China but not right now. They claim that warm weather will be about the only way to stop it and that will be April.
I use to hear the brass bands playing in the morning for funerals every day where I live in Wuhu China. 
Those on the cruise ships are in big trouble.

When a man is in the woods and talks and no women are there is he still wrong??
That story is proven to be a false twitter story
I Have a cure ... snort type F transmission fluid and gargle Valvoline 20W40  whistling ...and stay underneath your car tinkering with it, you won't meet anyone that way -  and like bird flu, only come out when the epidemic has all gone away.

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