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I'm OK!
Just a quick note: we survived Michael, but we lost fences, 60% of the shingles, and had water intrusion into the attic and ceiling drywall.  One small window broken in the house garage.  Lost power at 11AM on the 10th, water later that day.  I sat and watched the entire hurricane from my Florida room, watching the winds turn from the east to north to west; we stayed in the eye wall for about 3 hours or so.  Lots of trees fell down from across the street onto our property but did not hit the house.  Had sufficient water for a couple of days, gas for the generator, so it would be like camping for a few days. One dropped ceiling in a room we closed and sealed off.  The house got very humid and hot, and even with the windows open it was a bit uncomfortable.  No toilet functions.  Started cleanup the next day, but tarps came on only on Monday, thanks to neighbors.  Road was cleared by cutting trees, leaving tops in our yard.  Driveway was cleared.  Went out on Monday for gas, supplies, and wife's medications by driving north about 50 miles. 
Tuesday: 2 more dropped ceilings, and mold beginning to form in carpets and ceilings, so decided to bug out to Columbus GA, as everything closer was taken.  Will not return until power, sewage, water, and Internet returns.  I have insurance, and they are helpful in relieving anxiety at the moment.  Harness business will be down until I can return and resume work. 

Thanks for thinking of me!

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Thanks for letting us know, Randy. Very glad to hear that y'all are safe and healthy.


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Happy to hear you are safe and at least comfortable for now. The damage shown looks pretty devastating. I am about 10 mins from where hurricane Charley hit in 2004 and the pictures and TV coverage is very reminiscent of that hurricane. Can't believe you watched from your florida room! Smile I understand that though...it's hard not to watch. As bad as these storms are it's almost impossible not to look on in amazement to see first hand the power of mother nature. Good luck with the process and hopefully everything can return back to normal in a few months or so. I know it can be pretty difficult to line up contractors and to find good honest ones at that. Lots of scum crawl out of the woodwork when tragedies like this occur. They prey on victims of these storms so be very wary of who you deal with going forward.

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Glad to hear your ok!

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Good to read that you are ok and wish you all the best with repairing all the damage!
Good that you made it ok. Tough that you have all the damage. Maybe time to move inland?

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Glad to hear you are OK. If you need anything I am not far up in Memphis.

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Missing your bad jokes man... Glad you ok!

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Glad you're ok. Stuff can be replaced. People can't.

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- Jason

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Sorry for the damage, good luck with getting it all straight and glad you are okay

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