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I'm almost certain I just bought a Mexican Mach 1
Like all the other Mustangs out there, probably not original paint. I can easily see someone on this side of the border repainting it to be more like what they expect a Mach1 to look like...a US market Mach1.  The only thing I've seen to give me pause is the screw(s) holding the data plate on. They do not look like what I would expect, but then again, the car was not put together here, so....
(04-21-2019, 08:18 PM)72MustangSprint Wrote:
(04-20-2019, 05:36 PM)detritusmaximus Wrote: Found this one,


I'm not sure I would worry about it being worth more. It is an unusual car that you will not see two or three just like it at a car show. If it's a car worth restoring it won't really cost any more than a US Mach1.

I thought the Mexican Mach 1 had the tu-tone paint jobs and the big Mach 1 decal on the rear quarters like the one in the link.

you are thinking of the Sprint paint job. not all Mach 1's are sprints, and I'm not sure all Sprints are Mach 1's.  I have the original dealer invoice showing mach 1, and the exterior paint was Bronze with a black vinyl interior
so just completed a bunch of work on the Mexican Mach 1:

1. carb clean to remove gunked up ethanol residue. surging and stalling issue is fixed
2. Sending unit replaced, which helped with surging/stalling.
3. gas gauge works now
4. temp gauge works. there was no thermostat in the housing !
5. Shifter "rebuilt" without a rebuild kit. shifter no longer binds between reverse and first. still needs a rebuild kit, but its about 80% now
6. replaced all shocks
7. replaced all springs
8. new upper and lower control arms
9. new radius arms
10. new inner and outer tie rods
11. new pitman and idler arms
12. new front wheel bearings and seals
13. new front brake calipers...a bleeder bolt broke off and I could not extract it. calipers were cheap so I bought new ones
14. new brake houses
15. new fuel hoses
16. new sway bar bushings
17. changed engine oil. it was dark but no coolant or burned oil
18. topped off gear oil and transmission fluid
19. fixed passenger brake light....by reinserting bull into housing....easy fix !

I didn't have access to any alignment equipment. the wheel base is dead-on the driver side, off by 3/16's on passenger side. camber, toe etc are not dialed in yet. the car does not pull to one side, but there is def a small geometry issue because the steering input is getting translated in strange ways to the wheels

in general, the car is driving great. had it up to 100 kph on a local road. car feels solid, minus the wonky steering. under hard acceleration I am getting a few pops and possibly a clunk. need to figure that out.

then of course on the maiden voyage yesterday I blew a hole in the timing cover and needed to get towed because the coolant all came pouring out the gaping hole.

anyway, this car with a 4 speed is awesome and sounds great. everyone looks and thumbs up. its getting there. whenever I buy a "new" old car, I know there is a long period of fixing everything that breaks....

[Image: suspension.jpg]

[Image: suspension2.jpg]
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