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I'm a Newby tooby
[/color][/b][/size][/font][font=[size=medium][b][color=#4682B4]Tahoma]Hello everyone! Cool
I am new as well and have had "Madam Blue" for a lil over a year the sweetest man at church had heard I was a lover of the Cool71 Mach and when eating dinner over there one night he called me out to the garage and introduced me to "Madam Blue" just sitting in the garage with new 351 C Ram air ~~ Newly rebuilt tranny~~all new everything even some interior was redone I thought wow I would love to have that.....when my X informed him of my love for them and after he spent $20,000 just buying it and at least another $6000 into it hiself he sold me this car for ..............hope you are all sitting.....................a mere $3000 .....said he wanted me to have it.....out of shock alone I asked this poor man if he was truely serious I could see some pain in the back of those eyes and he said are you gonna turn down my blessing to YOU? Blush How could I of said NO!!!!Confused

Now I promised this man to take wonderful care of her so Wade Walker if you are reading this ........YOU AND YOUR FAMILY ARE MY ANGELSAngelAngelAngelAngelAngelAngelAngel

And that's how I got my car needing some window weather proofing advice the windows leak so needd to get her fixed up can't have my girl all pruney for a nice run..........

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Blush[/align]"Madam Blue"
Cinnamon Twist

Shannon's 71 Mach 1 [align=center]
Welcome to the forums! That's a great story and a beautiful car!

Post some more about your leaking window problems and I'm sure we can help you out!


[Image: 1gq8uo.png]
1971 Mach 1 - 306cid/C4 Bright Yellow
"Just relax, I've got a friend named Felix who can fix anything!" ~James Bond

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"If I were you...... I´d rather be me."  Tongue

Check out my video:

welcome post up some pics
Nice window etchingBig Grin

Here's the etching on 1 of my quarter windows (can't get to the other rite now) Not sure if it's going back in yet since I may buy new quarter glass & side glass..


WELCOME aboard, Shannon!

Yes, it would appear they really did pass on a GREAT blessing to you - - wonderful story.

I believe you will enjoy it here on the Site. I look forward to interacting with you on the Forums. Again, Welcome!


Do the RIGHT thing.
Welcome Shannon,

Glad to have you with us. Wow, a tremendous blessing for sure. Enjoy it and honor it.

Weatherstripping kits are available that will allow you to bring all the weatherstripping pieces up to par and seal Madam Blue up nicely.

All the best.

Welcome to the forum. that is an awesome story .One to tell the grand kids later on hahaha. Glad to have you join us.


[Image: a58hgh.jpg]
Great story..BOTTOM LINE the car will continue it's legacy

[Image: 1_30_09_13_10_12_32.png]
Alan L
Welcome to the neighborhood.

What a great story.

Jeff T.

Low buck, touring style, '73 Convertible "rolling restoration", 351c, 2v heads with a shave and a haircut, Performer intake, Holley 650(ish), roller rockers, screw in studs, guideplates, stainless valves, Duraspark / Motorsports MSD, T-5 conversion. 1-1/8" front, 3/4" rear swaybars KYB shocks and some home brewed subframe connectors. Future plans; JGC steering box, Cobra brakes and... paint, interior, etc.

When I die I want to die like grandpa, peacefully in my sleep... not screaming, like his passenger.

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