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I have located a former Ford worker from 67 to 2004
Just by chance a member of our local Mustang club knows someone that has moved to my area that was Ford employee. The great thing was he worked at Dearborn from 1967 to 2004 so maybe he worked with Mustang. I have asked him to get in touch. Keep your fingers crossed that he was a relief worker that moved around on the line and saw it all.
For now start putting together questions we all have about how it was made.
Things like the rear valance, Ram Air, interior material changes, primer colors, assembly processes. Just anything that we do not have a handle on as far as our Mustangs go.
Since he was there for so many years can pick his brain on other years also.
I have video and can do a video interview so it will be recorded and not word of mouth.
Hope this works out.

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Sounds like you may have found an excellent resource. Nice going.
U Da Man!

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David, an excellent score if we can snag him! Once I retired I lost all my Ford insider contacts. Boss1Ray did post a interview with a retired line worker from the truck and Pinto plant that was informative.
Mustang production moved to FlatRock starting with the 2005 models so it looks like he was at the Dearborn when most of our cherished children were being built.
Fingers crossed David!!

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Yes! I do hope you can get his recollections about our cars.

Good work even trying.


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Awesome idea, can’t wait to hear the details! Subscribed to this thread!


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That would be awesome, you ARE the man David!

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very cool. My dad had a shop in Lincoln park and his buddies had one in dearborn. Some of the sites were very cool in the 90s

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Way to go David! I'd be interested to know what he can say about the Boss 351 test vehicles. Thanks!

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