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I am afraid the old car group is gone.
Yes. A good friend who also loves and collects cars was just talking to me about this very subject. So many of our old car buddies have sold out to owning one of the newer cars.
But I also think car show participation varies by city and state. Just went to a show in Shawnee Okla. And it was very full with probably 220 cars! Crazy thing is the weather was terrible just hours before showtime. And the show was in a big grassy park. I was impressed with the turnout.


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It is a multifaceted, complex issue IMO. It is social economic AS WELL AS mistakenly being presented!

WE (can I put myself is a category) ARE the older, "know how to repair, rebuild HELL start a car with bad points and a carb with no choke" , we are also the ones ABLE to buy the rare and more expensive cars.....so that is what we look at , gauge the market !

As a seller of items for old cars, ironically there is a market, following and younger enthusiasm for THE CARS YOU DON'T WANT !! Admit it , we don't look at coupes, Grandé', 73 302 Mustangs etc etc. Seems they along with the Fox bodies are getting some love (by that crowd)

THis has been a fresh forum for me !! It seems that everyone is helpful to all, reguardless of pedigree or economic level. Entry to the Shelby world come with the price and pain of putting up with them. (the owners)

OUR concern is if "no one" wants a car that is a DINOSAUR it their eyes in 10 Years ! Rare cars will always be a good investment , as I live the life of "cars as art". I THINK interest in the FE's of the Sixties will wain very quickly in the eyes of the younger generations, just as Model T's, gave to Model A hot rods, replaced by 57 Chevys!

"No one has a crystal ball"...........I think it is a case of you don't want to be the one "holding the hot potato!"

Well I ended up going back today left home at 11:00 just a 15 min. drive. I was shocked the parking lot was packed with people coming to look and way more cars for the show. 50% chance of rain and overcast. I parked the car and went back to vendor areas and bought a tag for 72 Q vert and three of the sport wheel covers for $20.00 that were pretty nice.
Got back to the car and judges were looking and one made the comment this car is in pretty great shape for an original. I ended up getting a top 20 award for the stock division. They did not give first second etc. just to 20 in the two divisions, hot rod or stock. They had hot rod also. They had drawing for $200, $50.00 to 4 participants. I won $50.00. It was pouring rain and I found out my wipers not working. They worked when I put dash and cowl back together. So I got home and just put tarp over car so I can wipe down today. That was first time car had been in rain in 26 years, lol. I do not even wash with a hose to keep the water out of doors and cowl.
Interesting fact, there were more AMC cars than mustangs and camero, lol. What a reversal of roles. I guess they are more into the scene.
On the age thing the club that did the show, this was 51 years in a row, stated they were seeing fewer and fewer and have very few young people. The award for oldest participant was I believe 85 he drove his Cadillac convertible from Virginia I believe.
The best of show trophy went to a 1951 Ford convertible that is a pretty nice car.
So I will head back to next show next weekend. There are usually 5 or 6 to pick from that is another reason there are few there. I usually try to attend ones that give donations to needy causes. Next week is for disabled veterans. I did have one young guy in his 20's that ask lots of questions about the car. He grew up in a family that sold antiques and old cars. He said they closed the antique business because nothing sells except very high end furniture. Nobody wants the old stuff he stated.
I did not take camera so no pics, lol.

When a man is in the woods and talks and no women are there is he still wrong??
(07-06-2018, 08:16 PM)nailpounder Wrote: move to southern california always a lot of shows going on


- Mike
(07-08-2018, 02:53 PM)mach71351c Wrote:
(07-06-2018, 08:16 PM)nailpounder Wrote: move to southern california always a lot of shows going on


The lack of shows is not a problem it is the fact that young people are not getting into the car world anymore. I have 4 or 5 shows each week to pick from and once a month the city closes the main street and all the car guys take the cars out and everyone eats and dances in the street.
At the show they announced they had two members pass away that weekend.
I would never move to California, lol. When people have visited here from California they are amazed how green it is. No big fires, no earth quakes, no high prices. I can be at beach in 3 or 4 hours have several ski slopes to pick from in winter and mountains all around can walk forever.
The Charlotte show swap meet is impossible to see it all in 4 days. Hundreds of acres of gray headed people walking around or in electric chairs. They have electric chair rentals. NO YOUNG GUYS OR GALS.
If I moved anywhere it would be Africa love it there been 14 times.
Bound to happen how many of you want a 1914 Model T that will do 35 MPH and hand crank? Just like now find a young kid that wants a 71 - 73 mustang. Not many. My son has absolutely no interest in any of them just wants new.
I spent 6 hours on the 2 post lift washing under the car pulled wheels and cleaned tires and hubs. First time in the rain in 26 years.

When a man is in the woods and talks and no women are there is he still wrong??
Over here its worse,

Gov taxes, new rules on emissions, restrictions to enter some cities with a pre 90 car, the costs of fuel, insurance for new drivers, near zero dealership or garage where you could buy parts. US cars are simply not promoted over here unless its a Tesla. That's why you see lots of new timers 1980/2000 at 5k and lower, even in a perfect state nobody wants them. Depending on the province, you must pay for a between 70 to 100 euros a month just to have it on the road (based on weight). I bought my current T-bird full option perfect state for 1k Smile
For old timers, the very few classic muscle cars you see are 8 out of 10, nice to look at, but don't ask look under the hood. The good ones being too pricy to buy and not really possible to use as a daily. A young person, would then need a second car and start with a car that needs lots to be done.
Add to this, that the average house is very expensive, even more for starters, at least in the Netherlands and one with a garage that would be wide enough for a 7173 is even more expensive. Unless he would have some car background with brother/father/friends where he already could enjoy US cars and have a place to park it etc..
or a rich and kind father. Even if he would want a classic us car, the practical aspects and money involved are having too much weight.

The youth I see around that is not wasting its thumbs on a phone, is using Japanese cars. Much cheaper to start with (lighter) and tons of parts available everywhere. In that regard, I think US vendors should pay more attention to the European market like Japanese parts vendors do. Make it more accessible or promote the american quality.

Even in the 90's I was declared many times crazy to have a us car. Now days unless electric, it might really be crazy...

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There are still lots of kids getting into cars, but they are getting into the kind of cars from their generation. Late model small cars that they can tune with a new chip and a programmer. They are about as common as motor heads from our generation.

Subaru is what I see the most of, but there are plenty of others running around. Lots of HUGE rear spoilers and loud exhausts. Custom paints and also lots of 4 doors, which would have been heresy back in the day.

They are looking for something to drive everyday, just like we did. Having a classic car sitting in a garage and touring around once in awhile or going to a car show is just not in their interests.

But I do doubt that any of today's cars will being restored 40 years from now.

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Carlisle production knows the car thing is dying here. Gate and vendor revenue has been declining for 10 yrs . They are just playing it for as long as they can by rising the vendor spaces costs. The food vendors pay a percentage of their sales too CP. Their prices keep rising because CP sets the price, and what they can sale. The Ford national is still their biggest. GM and Mopar is next to nothing anymore. GM show can't even fill 2 vendor rows....
I think the internet is killing the parts swap meets. I can spend all day looking at table after table of chevy parts for that one Ford part I need, or I can find it (generally) cheaper on the internet in 2 minutes and pay shipping, which is about equal to admission to the swap meet. Now I will say that I love strolling around looking at all the old stuff, but for the internet generation, it's just not their thing.
Demand for our cars will ebb and flow as it does for all collector items. A 57 T-bird, 63 Vette, 68 Shelby Mustang and 70 challenger will always have value, as will a 71-73 Mustang, because they are all iconic. As far as kids going to car shows, they follow fads. All it takes is a couple of celebrities saying how cool classic cars are and the market can explode. If the market wanes I'll see it as an opportunity to reach for that 69 Mach that I can't afford right now. I guess my glass is half full.

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