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Hydraulic clutch linkakge
Hi Guys,
I have a 71 429 / Toploader combination.
I mounted last summer hydraulic clutch and used the original linkage for the pedal and rod assembly to move the master cylinder which is mounted down there near the exhaustt pipe which was the only place I found suitable.
Now the problem is that the linkage is too complicated and secondly the master cylinder seems to get too much heat near the exhaust pipe - so I want to take the master cylinder INSIDE the car under the clutch pedal mounted on the fire wall - why ? - because on the other side at the engine compartment the fire wall is housed by the brake booster that prevents to put the master cylinder right there where it could be easily moved by the clutch pedal.
I have not found any sound solution till today to do the assembly, so has anyone done it this way.
I would really appreciate to get some ideas/ information so not to invent the wheel another time.

Thanks in advance !
Check out this post from an Aussie

philt;79510 Wrote:Underdash booster give you the space to put that Coyote motor in you 71-73 Stang:
[Image: e9ajw6.jpg]
This happens to be a right hand drive (Australian company) but comes in Left hand also. RRS, GREAT COMPANY Secializing in 71-73.... UNLIKE Flamming River.

If you must get some extra room due tolarge headers. RRS's new Notched Shock towers do the trick!

[Image: 2w2qy45.jpg]

I am working on a coyote install and considering a Wilwood underdash pedal assembly. No booster needed and completely removes brakes from the engine compartment.

I completed an american powertrain hyd. clutch kit in my 71 429 toploader mach. i will be posting it when finished. had to install fox body booster to make room for MC. i used a willwood puller slave pulling from the trans crossmember bolt. lighter pedal than stock z bar.
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