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Hydramax Hydraulic Clutch issues - leaking
(07-23-2019, 11:44 AM)TheDude Wrote: Yup, I reached out and will be talking to them again. They have just been pretty miserable to deal with in the past so I was just hoping to find someone else that had some real world experience with these things.

That'[Image: c1.jpg]

[Image: c2.png]

That's sad to hear. I have had nothing but good luck from them, as well as their products. But i also dealt directly with Gray, who is no longer with them. I could reach out to him if you would like to pm me number for him to reach you at. He used my car to design the system that they now sell
Thanks. I had heard mostly good things about them as well. I had some small issues I needed help with and just couldn't get a call back. That was on multiple occasions with multiple issues. They were great on the phone, then never call me back or never send the email they said they would. Finally got those little issues resolved, but not crazy about having to deal with them again on this. Of course when I put in a request to get a quote on a full trans kit for a few grand I got near instant response.

Thanks for the offer, let me work more on getting them directly more before doing pulling that pin. And either way I've finally come around to the idea that I will need to pull the trans again and just looking for a plan to move forward. Really am liking the idea of going to an external slave if I can figure out how to get that together.
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