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I keep my fingers crossed for you guys in the affected areas. That's really nice that Heacock insurance steps up to the plate like that, I have never heard of them!

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i got notice from my insc company (american collectors) and they'll pay for transportation and storage... i sure didn't see that coming.. so if u have american i guess u got it too.
i don't need to move car...
please all this mess go away for i'm leaving for wildwood nj next thursday for boardwalk show...
LOL, I did confuse you on the amount of rain for sure.
They look at it as one inch of rain is covering the whole surface of the ground with an inch of water. We have had exceptional amounts of rain this year. So much that many farmers did not even get to plant. Was never dry enough to plow and plant.
It has rained over 12 inches in one hour here before. That caused land slides and whole mountain sides just sliding off. One road in my area has been under repair since May and is still not 100%.
I had asked my friend if she wanted me to go to Myrtle Beach and board up her place there, one city block from beach. She said no that it was going north of there. Today they now say it is changing direction and will probably hit Myrtle Beach head on. This storm is moving so slow 15 to 17 miles per hour. That is why the rain fall will be so much it just stays put. So she will probably loose her home there with no windows boarded up the over 100 mph winds will blow out the windows and explode the walls.
She also has a condo at Hilton Head Island but it is on 4 th. floor on opposite side of the ocean so more protected.
If you have ever put your hand out the car window doing over 100 mph you know the force that will be hitting all the buildings. The torrential rains also add to the destruction. One breaks causing more to break and it is one huge mess. The last time one hit where her house was they gave owners two weeks to get what they wanted and brought in bull dozers and just piled it all up and hauled it off. Most rebuilt with the house on stilts to get above the storm surge but hers is not.

I am told we are running out of gasoline here due to people stocking up. Some were without power for 11 days during bad storm before. I have a generator but if no gas does not do much. I will head out to see what I can find. 10 gallons will last several days with just running off and on to keep refrigerator cold. I have a camper also so can use gas stove in there.
I have no insurance at all so I hope no trees fall on the house or garage. I cut all the trees near the garage but neighbor has one that could hit if it falls. No insurance company will write a policy when a storm is coming. I have never had much luck from insurance. Only claim on home made they tore the house up left and did not pay to fix it. Never got a good answer out of them and no money so why have it.

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Hope you'll be able to get enough supplies on time.. Keep us informed if you can!

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My older brother lives in Jacksonville, NC - about a 1/4 mile from one of the rivers feeding the bay there. Needless to say, it looks like it's going to be a direct hit on his area. He's getting the F out of Dodge and heading inland. Hopefully he has a house to come back to.

Good luck everyone. I hope things go OK for you, David.

I hear you on insurance. We had a house burn in 1987, while we were at the lake. It was a struggle to get the insurance to pay, we finally wound up in arbitration, before going to court. The arbitrator ruled in our favor, and we got enough to pay for a new house and belongings, but it took a year. They know they have time on their side, and try to out-wait you. We had two small rentals and moved one of the renters out, and lived in the rental while fighting with them.

All we have to worry about here, on the west coast, is the "Big One" (earthquake). But they just happen every century or two, not an annual possibility. And, I can't forget, an occasional forest fire.

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I wish you and your family members all the best in the affected areas! Keep my fingers crossed that you all surveive that well, take care!

Our prayers are with you!


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