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MotoArts;151141 Wrote:Turtle, thanks for the tip! I have a DS80 cylinder that has a huge gouge and am going to give that a try. It was part of a blown main bearing cage that got sucked up into the transfer port, and is not on a thrust side.
A new top end job is worth more than the bike...!

If you do end up using jb weld. Use the original formula. It seems to harden and last better. Also clean the gouge really good with brake clean. Use some 80 grit to scuff up around it. It worked for me pretty well. I hope you have just as good of luck. Let me know how it works out for ya.


1971 Mach 1
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Disc brakes all way around.

https://youtu.be/SoW1fhaFPzY  Burn Out Video. 

[Image: 044.jpg]
Another thing I have seen it used for is to fill in the groove on shafts worn in by the seals. I agree, the original is better than the 5-minute stuff.

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