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How to remove clock set stem
Was cleaning up some consoles and all the clocks but one are working. I got the non working clock out of the console fine I just cannot get the time adjust knob off so I can remove the face to clean and polish it.
I tried holding the little shaft with needle nose and turning the knob but not working. Is it L.H. or R.H. or pressed on??
5 out of six clocks work and one is odd man out. The black vert I got has a totally different clock but is has Ford stamped on the back and has a D4ZF-15000 part number so a 74 model. It might be a replacement if you cannot find a good original. It is a G.T. I think General Time brand. The mounting holes align and everything. The little band of plastic below the clock came off but I have it to glue back.
Thanks for any help on getting the little knob off. That does not quite sound right but that is what I need.

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When a man is in the woods and talks and no women are there is he still wrong??
The knob screws on clockwise, remove opposite.


Addendum, I used Loctite to hold the knob in place.
When you try to adjust the clock the knob would un-screw.
Previous owner may have done the same.

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