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How to Read Wiring Diagrams
Attached is a technical training manual from Ford, dated 1968, on how to read wiring diagrams. I got this from the MustangTek website. It's the same one that I got with my Ford manuals, on a CD, but mine is DRM protected.

.pdf   How to read Wiring Diagrams-Vol-68-S7-L2A_Book-13001.pdf (Size: 5.37 MB / Downloads: 45)

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Nice! Thanks so much for posting this!

that's great , very helpful and a nice write up in that language speaking of the past thumb


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As a kid, I learned everything I needed to know about electrical by fixing the xmas lights before putting them on the tree.

Just kidding, but I'm sure there are many here that know what I'm talking about....

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