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How NOT to sell a Boss 351
At an $85k asking, you could maybe take the car somewhere and take some decent pictures. 


This car different than last time I commented for whatever reason. I deleted my previous and irrelevant post. 

I will take it, lol. Do not know why they change stuff like the wheel and shifter. Might need a closer look at engine transmission also.
I have removable hard top that was sold at Tasca Ford. They were know for selling performance cars and equipment. The hardtop is called a Towne Top pretty rare accessory for 1964 1/2 - 1967 mustang vert.

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David, take your meds! Or one of us could Foster Child one of your fleet so you could then have room for a new Family member! Any one of us would be willing to Take One For The Team and provide a good loving home.
Guess they figured the deal needed to be enhanced with a custom steering wheel and shifter knob.  Agree, that if you are going to ask a premium price for a Boss, some under carriage and engine compartment pictures would be way nicer than than the same 2 or 3 views of the body.
Alright David, your move is next! Big Grin


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That's definitely not an $85K car.  With all the changes, obvious repairs/replacements (the front bumper isn't 'on/adjusted' correctly, for instance), and the seller's own words, "is one of the nicest A beautiful two-stage Red finish," says this car has been restored... but to what level is the big question.  Last I heard, no '71-'73 came from the factory with two-stage paint finishes. (If he's referring to the black on red, well than that's just a weird way to say it)


[Image: mach1sig2.gif]
There is no way that car is worth 85k. Not even close!

- Mike
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