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How much to install seat covers and foam?
(04-12-2019, 11:24 AM)scgamecock Wrote: I have looked at some videos on YouTube and several of them show putting burlap down over the frames and then putting the pads and covers on.  Is that necessary?

Test fit first. Remember that you can buy repop foam from one manufacturer and it will be differant from another. The covers are the one thing that will be a constant once you purchase. The burlap will help protect the foam from thin strips of metal sinking into the foam which will happen over time.
I sit here with a wry smile on my face when i see your dilemma of DIY or pay someone. I am staying true to original so green Deluxe 4R interior unavailable. I had to buy material and will get them made by pro who can do correct stitch lines and piping. If i were in your shoes and had repop covers in hand i would not consider paying someone to do a job i could do with relative ease. I am lucky to live in a city that has produced cars since 1800's and can always call on friends for advice with certain skillsets
As long as you start in the right place, pull in the right direction, and apply the correct amount of tension to your warm material you cant go wrong. With temp in mind you may want to leave it till its a litle warmer. That way you can lay them out on your roof, trunk, and hood to ensure your material is supple enough to apply the relevant tension. Natural heat applied all over is better than a small area warmed up with a hair dryer or heat gun as you may overstretch and understretch differant parts of the material. If you fit in the winter and material hasnt reached its safe maximum stretch point you can be sure it will when they are fitted in the midst of summer where they will stretch as soon as you repeated sit on them. Then you end up with regret at not paying a professional. Its a relatively easy job especially now the internet is so easy to access info. If people can learn skills from the internet to build a house when they never picked a building tool before then a set of seats is a walk in the park Big Grin

1971 Grandé
(04-09-2019, 03:49 PM)c9zx Wrote: $400.00 to install front and rear. I supplied the seat covers and front foam, he supplied the rear foam. The steamer he used made the results acceptably good. Chuck

That sounds like a good deal considering all the aggravation in doing it yourself like we did.
The cost of whiskey alone...

Same here. TMI covers and foam for the buckets.

Local shop installed it all including the rears $400.  I can find no flaws at all.  I didn't have to wrestle the covers, the hog rings, or worry about wrinkles or mis-alignment.   I decided to take it in after trying to remove all the hog rings on one seat.  then I read about all the burlap and the internal rings to latch the foam.

One of my best choices.

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