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How much to install seat covers and foam?
I'm not sure I want to do this job myself.  How much would\should it cost to take the seats and the new foam and covers to an upholstery shop and have them do it?

1972 Mach 1 351 cj 4speed
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If your covers are ready made it makes sense to do it yourself. Save your money for aprts and pay someone to do jobs your not capable of doing. Every time you sit on them seats you will smile in the knowledge you made them look new again

1971 Grandé
I took my front and rear seats to a local shop a few years ago. As I recall, it was about $300 to replace all the covers.

Its possible to do it yourself and save the money but from what I've heard it isnt a lot of fun, especially if its the first time. There is probably an acquired skill to putting the new ones on, getting them fastened correctly and getting the wrinkles out.
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It's not a lot of fun installing them, especially the hog rings, but not all that bad. Take your time, do it when you won't feel rushed, give yourself a couple of days. Everything has to be warm, the warmer the better. Cover the seat back foam with thin plastic sheeting, like the stuff you buy to cover the floor and furniture when painting, really makes it much easier to pull the cover on.

I think there's been several threads on the forum about how members did it.

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I just did mine not that long ago. It was my first time doing it. With the right pair of hog ring pliers it will make things easier. Mine didn't come out perfect and I hope to work out some of the wrinkles in time with use but I'm happy enough with them to say I did them myself. Here is my thread with the pics.

I paid $900ish (cdn. Taxes in) for the two front and rear bench seat. They supplied the foam and all necessary parts to complete the job (I supplied the seat covers). Apparently, it was difficult job as in some areas, the cover mfr. did not supply adequate excess material... I thought about doing it myself, but at the time I had 10 other major jobs going on with the car and just bit the bullet... At the end of the day, for me, it was worth paying a professional to do this job...
I had TMI foam and covers and paid 300 to have them installed. As it turned out the seat covers did need some alteration that I would not have been able to do.

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I did mine myself, and admit that they're not perfect - however, my car is not perfect, either.  

I would say it depends on how mechanically inclined, determined, and how much time you have to dedicate to the project.  If you've never done upholstery before, you'll develop a whole new appreciation for those who do.  It's tough, can be very challenging, and even a little unforgiving at times - but you'll definitely feel the 'job well done' satisfaction afterglow once completed.

As for what it costs to have someone else do it, you'll need call around.  What's reasonable for some places might be ridiculously cheap or expensive for others.  I know (based on other projects I've seen done for others) that paying someone to do it for me would've cost more than the materials I bought from TMI Products via CJPP (and that would be in the 'ridiculously expensive' category for most people who have more competitors available locally).  

Then again, I expected to get raped based on my own experience getting a simple 'street bike' motorcycle seat recovered, which wound up costing me $300.  whistling


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Wow. Upholstery prices must be cheap around here compared to other places. I had a shop do a complete recover and foam on a set of triumph spitfire seats for $250 and that included retie of the springs weld up a couple spots in the frames, new foam and them stitching and making the covers from scratch, material included and they turned out fantastic. She quoted me $500 to redo the front and back seats of the Mustang and that is her making the seat covers. Going to probably have her do them next winter.

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- Jason

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$400.00 to install front and rear. I supplied the seat covers and front foam, he supplied the rear foam. The steamer he used made the results acceptably good. Chuck
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