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How much can a single drive axle truck haul?
When I was living I China I was always amazed at how much weight they would haul with their trucks. We would load dies on trucks and they would leave the shop without one chain or strap on anything. Just sitting on the flatbed. This truck was on the expressway so it was checked for weight as it came on the toll. This is at a rest area weird building design.
I think the steer wheels also drove on this truck but just two tires where we would have four.
You did not see that many accidents. Saw one that tipped over load was too high.
Another reason we cannot compete with the Chinese on cost. U.S. would require those to be on two much larger trucks.

[Image: Screws_020.jpg]

[Image: Screws_021.jpg]

[Image: Screws_022.jpg]

[Image: Screws_023.jpg]

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When a man is in the woods and talks and no women are there is he still wrong??
The actual load ratings of trucks is not really based on how much they can carry. It is based on how fast the truck can stop or if it can stop without the brakes failing.

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