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how do i know what paint sceme my cars hood came with?
I have a factory grabber blue car but as of right now the ram air incerts are the only black thing on it how do I find out what my hood is supposed to look like is there a code for this somewhere?
Check the Marti Report (if you have one, if not - easy enough to get). If your car came with factory Ram Air, then you should have the TuTone trim on the hood with appropriate "351 or 429 RAM AIR" decals. If your hood has the honeycomb block-off plates (the "no Ram Air" option), then it should all be body colored except for the block-off plates (NACA duct inlets as well).

That, of course, is how the car would've come from the factory. If the previous owner (or you) added Ram Air, then the TuTone trim would be proper for faithful restoration.

Here's where it gets fun: if you are going for a faithful restoration of the car, then it can be important to get it all right. However, it's your car - build it how you wish. Ram Air or No Ram Air, if you want [or don't want] the TuTone trim on the hood... or even some other paint scheme, make it so.

There is no right or wrong way here... unless you're going for concours points, that is. Wink Big Grin


[Image: mach1sig2.gif]
no not looking for a super perfect restoration I am adding ram air its the 4v motor I just had never scene a hood done up like mine so didn't know it I should change it if it was rare. thanks!
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