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How did you choose the non original Ford color to paint your 71-73 Mustang?
it's really up to u... but with that said i would choose a color that a car/truck/van.. whatever... is painted now.. u need the paint code for future needs.. doing custom is throwing the dice... u will need the manufacturer of the base as well as the tints and how much...u NEED to cover your bases if at any time something happens and u need to paint a fender or so... just think years down the road if something happens or u sell..
I'd originally fallen in love with a Grabber Yellow/Ginger interior Mach 1 302 car when I was 14.  

I also had absolutely no idea what color mine was when I bought it (sunburned "something"), and got the bug again when I saw a Grabber Lime '71 featured car in a 2010 issue of Mustang Monthly (which made me think of the Grabber Yellow one immediately).  So, I bought it and kind of forgot about worrying about what color I was going to go with, until I decoded the paint code on the door sticker, and saw some nicely restored/restomodded Light Pewter examples.  I'd always been a fan of gray scale and metallic silver colored cars, so I was leaning that direction... but then I hit the point of pulling up the carpet and saw the unmolested Light Pewter on the transmission hump - it was a done deal at that point.  In fact, a lot of original styling was considered when I was putting it all back together.  Aside from the wheels, louvers, missing lower bright trim, and chrome front bumper, my car is pretty much 'cosmetically' how it came from the factory (and I made that decision after seeing so many cars with every 'cool' option thrown at them - not enough "no stripes, no spoilers, no magnums" cars out there).

As much as I love the color of my Ram and wife's Camaro (Metallic/Pearl Cherry Red, basically) I don't know if I would go with that color on mine.  In fact, I honestly can't see me having my car in any other color than the Light Pewter it came with.

Now, a 'vert, on the other hand... that Metallic/Pearl Cherry Red would look freaken awesome.  (some body styles just don't lend themselves well to certain colors and styling options - just my personal feelings).


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