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Hot battery!
Went to the races this weekend and ran 4 or 5 times, plus did a long slow parade lap and drove there and home. By the time I got back home, I could smell the acid in the battery, and it was super hot when I shut it down and felt it. Everything is new...battery, alternator, regulator and wiring. Any ideas? Any better systems? Thanks!
Sounds like the voltage regulator may be faulty and continuously charging.

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upload a photo on internet

Big block cars had a battery heat shield
Go to 429megasite to find what they look like
You probably need to make something

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Have you taken any voltage measurements at the battery? What kind of charging system is in place? Chuck
OLE PONY;192672 Wrote:Sounds like the voltage regulator may be faulty and continuously charging.

X2 !
Been there, even with new stuff.
I know that smell anywhere Wink

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Check voltage at batt with car running.

Thinking back... voltage should be 13.5-14.5 range.

If over 14.5 alt is cooking the battery and will get hot and shorten its life.

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