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Hose clamps... OEM style or worm gear?
I'm about to tackle the cooling system on my car.   I have the old wire type clamps for the radiator hoses and the single screw "guillotine" style clamps for the heater hoses.

I could care less about appearance, #1 priority is function.  I do not want a leak or a hose failure.

What is the word on the older style clamps?  Should I stick with them or go with common stainless worm clamps?  I am a little leery of the older style ones since it seems like so much of the repop stuff is just for your eyes and not actually for function.
Just my opinion here, since you asked. I think I'd go with the newer style worm gear clamps since your car will be a driver, not a show car. I used to work as a mechanic at a Mustang restoration shop, some years ago, and I've installed the original repro stuff as well as the everyday auto parts store clamps, both with good results, however the original clamps tend to be a one-time deal and don't tighten the same the second time. The worm type can be removed, say, like if you want to flush out your radiator, and re-installed tightly many times. Other than that, you can decide what feels right to you.
I used all original Wittek (tower style) clamps. I have had no issues with them and in my opinion are much better than the worm style. They still make them and they are not reproed.

Power Steering Pump
[Image: NOS_Wittek_7_Hose_Clamps_Heater_Smog.jpg]

Heater Hose
[Image: Wittek_Heater_Hose_Clamp.jpg]

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I use the tower clamps as well. I've even scavenged them off cars in the boneyard and re-used.

Worm clamps have always looked amateurish to me.

And now I know they are called tower clamps...Learn something new everyday!

When I go back to the garage I wil check the brand of the tower clamps I have. If they are Wittek I’ll run them.

My power steering is going to be a mix random bits... I’ll post some pics when I get further along with the plumbing.
Do the Tower Clamps come in stainless?

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(09-18-2018, 04:48 AM)NOT A T5 Wrote: Do the Tower Clamps come in stainless?

I have never seen them in stainless. Original correct date coded Wittek clamps can go for big bucks with the right buyer.

Besides the heater hose and P/S hose clamps. The heat riser tube (from the heat shield to air cleaner snorkel) used a large Wittek clamp.
I think the Wittek or tower clamps put a more even clamp load on the hose. Also I think people over tighten clamps. There is only like 16 lbs. of pressure on that hose. There is also a bulge on the connection to the heater core, and radiator that prevents the hose from blowing off.
I also put never seize on the fitting and in the hose. Makes it much easier to get back off and I have never had one blow off.
I usually use this style clamp on fuel line also. Could not find one the other day and had to put one of the cheap screw type clamps on.

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