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horse power comparison
Hey guys, I don't want to assume anything, just want your input on this.

I've got a 72 vert, with rebuilt 351c 2v heads, edelbrock 600cfm carb & intake ,patriot long tube ceramic headers w/3" pipes,RV cam, 3.50 posi, Mallory 1 wire distributor. I think my engine produces close to or maybe over 300 horsepower. This is a motor I bought from a friend, that had it rebuilt about 14 years ago (10 before I installed it).

I test drove my friends 2010 camaro SS that produces about 420 hp, and each time I floored it, felt like as it was almost as fast as my car. My car really takes off w/o even trying hard. Could it be that my block is producing more hp than I'm anticipating?
I know I could take it for a dyno test, but currently I'm not fit to spend hundred or two just to find hp.
Any suggestions or input would be greatly appreciated.
sharpstang72, go to a closest drag strip with your friend, drive your friends camaros doors off and compare the ET's. That should be plenty of fun. Next get you car scaled, once you know the ET from quarter mile and the weight of the car with driver in it, we can calculate your horsepower very close to the real hp. There are plenty of good hp calculators which uses ET and weight.

That way you would save the dyno cost and have some serious fun at drag strip!! Of course nailing your friends Camaro is the bonus!!! Big Grin
LOL, I wish I could blow him away plus his car is much lighter. Since his dad co-signed for him he has to be on good behavior if you know what I mean.

Thanks anyway.
sharpstang72;123704 Wrote:Finmach,
LOL, I wish I could blow him away plus his car is much lighter. Since his dad co-signed for him he has to be on good behavior if you know what I mean.

Thanks anyway.
Ok, I hear you... Wink I'll also need to clarify that the trap speed on quarter combined to the scaled weight is the most accurate thing after dyno. In secondthough make his dad "granny" the Camaro on quarter and drive the doors off!! Tongue Ok... those new chebbys with LS engines are quite potential vehicles, I wish Ford would have something similar instead of the modular 32valve engines... Oh, well we allways have the 335 and 385 series canted valve engines.
The new camaros are heavy pigs, like over 4,000 lbs. So it's got some pork soaking up that extra horsepower. Your 2v cleve likely makes more low end torque too.

1973 Mach 1 Q code 351 4V, 9A paint, standard interior, 3.50 rear, C6 trans.
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