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Horrible Sound from Engine
I am still not sure how to get videos to show up in the post so here are two links to the videos on Youtube. 1st link is engine at idle. Second is when being revved up. Any ideas as to what this would be? I would really appreciate it.



It worked! Also the sound seems to be coming from front passenger side of engine.
Step one is to take the belts off and run the engine again. If the noise is gone, start investigating your driven accessories. Honestly, it sounds like a bad bearing to me, might be the A/C tensioner pulley....

I think it's an accessory bearing.

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Some Mod pictures can be seen at:

I will give that a shot. How long can you run without the belts? I assume not long. Also in the first video the loud ticking noise sounds like an accessory bearing? The car almost sounds like an old diesel tractor at idle.
Sounds like slack in the valve train on passenger side. Hemi Killer's advice is a good place to start. Really hard to tell from a video. Chuck
Sounds like a combination of problems to me. Belt/tensioner and a lifter.

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Just a thought but I have had 2 Clevelands start mushrooming their original pushrods whaen I played with them too hard, and that resulted in ticking noise. These were both old motors. Always start with the easy stuff first though, you should be able to run engine for about 2-3 min. from cold and be fairly safe without belts on.
It sounds like an exhaust leak in the idle video, but tough to tell over the Internet....
The idle video sounds like my car when it gets warm, I'm thinking of replacing the manifold gaskets..... some day.

Waiting for spring and summer...
Time to get a long section of vacuum hose to use as a stethoscope to narrow in on the origin of the noise.
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