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Hood trim problem
I'm having trouble fitting the Ford tooling AM trim on my hood. The v angle is off a little and the holes do not line up. I actually broke a stud trying to make it fit. Both are dynacorn products.

Any suggestions? Maybe drill the end holes larger? I can make it fit in the middle but not the end holes.

[Image: egy5ape8.jpg][Image: 6e2ebuhu.jpg][Image: 4ymu6ypa.jpg][Image: ymury9er.jpg][Image: 5e5uvyba.jpg]
Hi Jer,

My experience was fitting a new aftermarket Nasa hood and putting the original Ford hood lip mould back on. My car is a '73 vert, with lip the same cloor as body.My holes did not line up well at all.

My remedy was to elongate some holes where necessary with a rotary steel rasp in a cylintrical shaped profile, with an air die grinder. If you do this proceedure, be very careful as the rasp can wander, and not cut in the direction you want it to go.(It cuts fast)

That proceedure got me out of the poo. Ah yes, good old aftermarket parts.Dodgy

Hope that helps,


Elongate the holes as required using a hand file since the car is painted already..Line it up side to side & mark where you need to file (Lay down a few layers of 3" masking tape to protect the paint as you file) Once thats done start at one side install a nut or two (loose) then pull the molding to the edge as you go or if your daring just bend into shape BEFORE installing..you may also need some different thin washers UNDER the molding at each stud to make it fit flush to the top of the hood..I make my own from old credit cards thin plastic sheet..Just sharpen a brass tube then punch out your washer..drill the center hole..You should also be using a small piece of dum dum http://macsautoparts.com/fairlane-torino...HL1105884/ under each stud before the trim is laid down..It seals the joint/hole under the trim where the hood skin meets the frame also dont forget to apply some touch paint on the bare metal where you file.
Again as I keep saying this is why every piece of trim etc needs to fitted BEFORE a car is painted

Thanks Greg and Scott. I caught myself doing a test fit but did not attempt to bolt it down.

I'm actually sad the body shop did not correct the problem. They actually assembled the front end.
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