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hood hings
i know some of you have bought new hood hings .  so my question is   do they work good   how long have you had them  and where did you buy them   mine are getting bad  
 thanks for any answers
I just put a set on from CJPony.    Very little use on them so I can't say how well they will hold up.  My one side had crack in it so I went ahead and replaced both. They seem well built but not as heavy of a gauge steel as the original.  I used my old springs.  

Here is a link from an old post that Don C had listed.  Not for sure if the company is still in business.  Might want to check into getting your old ones redone.


Edit - Just found their web site.



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I would steer clear of CJ pony. Horrible customer service and parts are marginal. If you want true customer service and someone that will help with any problems, go see Don at OMS. Yellow Mach 1 I was working had a set of premium hinges from cjpp. They almost destroyed a brand new hood and CJ was trying to give me run around. Don from OMS offered to help and the hinges were not even bought from him. Here is a link to the thread. Read through it. Call Don and order what he recommends.


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https://youtu.be/SoW1fhaFPzY  Burn Out Video. 

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I have a pair that I might be able to give you just for the price of shipping. But...you will have to wait about 6 months or so after I get everything aligned and my car painted! They both have identical numbers on them and they are also chromed but that can be stripped!

71-73 Mustangs never die, they just go faster!
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