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Hood glue?
Hey folks,

There is this thick black glue on the inside of my flat hood, I guess it’s keeping the inner and outer skin from rattling but I wanna be sure. So is this true? Most of these have let go on one side so I need to replace them. Does it require anything specific?


[Image: c3cb94923cfe6db8e82eb9c880786f0f.jpg]

You are correct that some of the sealer is to prevent the inner and outer panels from squeaking of jumping up and down. Before the factory put the outer skin on the inner they put blobs of seam sealer on the inner then put the outer on and hemmed the edges. You cannot get the two apart without lots of work. What most people use here is a two part 3-M material that comes in two separate tubes and has a special dispenser that mixes the material as it comes out. It hardens faster than the older sealer.
Maybe you can zoom in on this pic of hood and see where they put along the ribs. After the hem they went around the outside and sealed the hem up also. Same on the door hems.
The material between the two layers is very thin but keeps the two pieces of metal stable.
Note that the black paint on the rear bottom of the hood if Factory paint. They sprayed to hide the underside when looking out the windshield. I can maybe get some better pics if you want.

[Image: CAM-0103.jpg]

[Image: CAM-0104.jpg]

aluminum oxide compound

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Thanks for shining some light on this. I’m not intending to take the two sheets apart but the sealer has come loose in a lot of places so I want to replace it when I’m gonna work on my hood.
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