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Holley Red Fuel pump, where to mount?
Hey guys, those of you who are familiar with the Holley (red) fuel pump. Where would be a good place to mount it? Anyone mount there's in the engine bay? It just seems like there isn't alot of metal to mount it to near the fuel tank.
I mounted my Holley Black pump on the driver side in the space between the rear frame rail and inner wheel house. Not the best location, but at least it's close to the tank and so far seems to work great! It does clear - I bounced the crap out of the suspension before I put the shocks on and it never got close.



You can just make out the bottom of the pump at the top of the pic to the left of the axle.

I've since re-routed the fuel line with a 90-degree elbow off the pump that now points straight up (the fuel line now goes over the bump-stop bracket and straight down to the elbow). The power line is in small-diameter split-loom, and goes straight forward into the rocker panel/door sill all the way to the front into a dedicate fuse block.

A few weekends ago, I made a rock shield for the whole thing that will most likely get scuffed by the sway bar link, but should still clear. I need to get a pic of that and the new fuel line configuration.

Hope this helps!


[Image: mach1sig2.gif]
I agree with Eric, as close to the fuel tank as possible. The further forward it is mounted the more susceptible to vapor lock.

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--Albert Einstein
Thats about where I mounted mine. Its good to know that it will clear the suspension. Thanks, i really appreciate the pics too.
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