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Well 2 out of 3 isn't bad unless, it is your money. Absolutely great results with Holley HP 950 cfm on 404 CID Clevor 12:1 engine, great results with Holley HP 750 cfm on 408 CID Cleveland 9.5 :1, mediocre result with Holley HP 650 on 330 CID windsor 10:1 engine. After trying different +/- jets, air bleeds, fuel level settings, power valves, it still has intermittent lean miss at no load light cruise (2200 RPM). Idle quality should have improved as it replaced a 750 HP. It did not. The only thing I can come up with is it has straight leg venturi boosters rather than down leg boosters. The fact that it has plastic accelerator pump arms is just insult to injury. I'm sure straight leg boosters may be appropriate for large displacement, short overlap cam, small CFM carbed engines but, not exactly what I'd call HP. Maybe HP in this case stand for Haul and Pull. Chuck
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