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Highest Total timing on your hot rod Cleveland.
I’m curious as to what others have seen their hot rod 4v closed chambered stroker Cleveland’s total timing tolerate.

Mine is a 381stroker with 10.3/1 compression with Holley hyperspark dizzy and Super Sniper.
Forged pistons, hbeam rods, forged crank.
Hyd roller .235/245@50, .625 ish lift.

It is in the 500ish HP ballpark, and I’ve been inching my way up on total timing.
Started at 32. Now at 35 on 93 pump gas.
I see reports up to 38.

Your thoughts appreciated.
I posted here since I know there are a lot of Cleveland’s here.

[Image: a230aae4f76e12250b8a532ca6d00e17.jpg][Image: 7d5f5c525f2b3b852ad660d2d001fb4b.jpg]

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38 total (no vacuum advance). 408C cc 4V iron heads, 9.7:1 SCR, aggressive SFT cam. Chuck
That’s the number I keep hearing.

Have you Dynoed you combo?

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(11-07-2019, 05:02 PM)mikeyhunts Wrote: That’s the number I keep hearing.

Have you Dynoed you combo?

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Yes I did. 529 HP/496 TQ. the dyno sheet is on this site if you can find it. Chuck
What intake are you using?
How big of a cam?

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Blue thunder intake with minor radiusing on the plenum to runner turns. Cam is Lunati 41199LUN on a 110 LSA, .562/.580, 238/248 @ .050. If i were building it now I'd use a 10.25:1 SCR and a true custom cam from Mike Jones. Was too conservative on SCR because only 91 octane available here, next time. Tongue Chuck
Same here 38 total no problems, been like that for years.
I had 18 at idle and 20 mechanical advance for years.
Last year tried a locked distributor at 38 degrees and seems to run better at idle and low speeds.
Cam is 255 duration .605 lift solid flat tappet and approx 10.5 or more compression

[Image: mustangnight010.jpg]
1972 Mustang Convertible 351C 4V
1966 Ford Galaxie 7 litre-4speed

Good to know. You are real close to what I’m running.
I’m still at 36, and it’s running strong.
Good to know I have about 2 more degrees to play with.

Thanks everyone for the feedback.


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351C 4V closed camber with a toploader
34 total with 18 to start lunati hyd. flat tappet 560/580 lift something (I forget the rest of the specs.)
Blue Thunder with 650 Holley double pumper.
Sanderson shorties with 2 1/2 pipes with the X and 2010 modified to fit mustang GT mufflers.
0 deck the block, 30 over flat tops, no stroker crank

Had a bit of knock with 4v cast exh. logs before I switch to shorties

dyno a little over 380 hp at 6200 rpm with max tq. at 5200 too the ground (if I remember correct I'm on winter vacation away from the snow).
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