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Highest Total timing on your hot rod Cleveland.
I’m curious as to what others have seen their hot rod 4v closed chambered stroker Cleveland’s total timing tolerate.

Mine is a 381stroker with 10.3/1 compression with Holley hyperspark dizzy and Super Sniper.
Forged pistons, hbeam rods, forged crank.
Hyd roller .235/245@50, .625 ish lift.

It is in the 500ish HP ballpark, and I’ve been inching my way up on total timing.
Started at 32. Now at 35 on 93 pump gas.
I see reports up to 38.

Your thoughts appreciated.
I posted here since I know there are a lot of Cleveland’s here.

[Image: a230aae4f76e12250b8a532ca6d00e17.jpg][Image: 7d5f5c525f2b3b852ad660d2d001fb4b.jpg]

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38 total (no vacuum advance). 408C cc 4V iron heads, 9.7:1 SCR, aggressive SFT cam. Chuck
That’s the number I keep hearing.

Have you Dynoed you combo?

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(11-07-2019, 05:02 PM)mikeyhunts Wrote: That’s the number I keep hearing.

Have you Dynoed you combo?

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Yes I did. 529 HP/496 TQ. the dyno sheet is on this site if you can find it. Chuck
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