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High new 73 owner from Ill.
Came across this site while tring to find some answers on my Mach 1 and looks to be a very good site with very knowlegable people.I have a 1973 Mach 1 Q-code Red black stripes 351 cj .I have had it about 1yr 9mo. and have been working on it since I got it home.I have replaced all four aprons under hood , rad. support floor pans(full length both sides) ,both rear quarters , outter wheel houseings ,trunk pan , rear tail panal .I have it painted and starting to put it back together . When I was installing the heater/air cond. box ,by the drawing I have , the blower heater combo shows three studs going thru the firewall I only have two one on the blower one on the heater/air box.I am missing something on the right side of the heater/air box by the grommet that holds the insulation .This has been driving me crazy for about three days totaly lost can not figure out what goes in that hole.Any Ideas!
Welcome to the forum..

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Welcome ! Can you post a picture? You may be missing a bracket that is mounted on the side of the box.Seems like I remember one there.I will have to go look at mine to make sure>

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Hello Fever!! nice to have you here!!...

Don´t worry about the situation you feel you´re in.. we all been there at some point and i´m 200% sure, there are gonna be a lot of ideas to help you in this matter as in every other one you face in the process...

However, i recomend you to open a new thread with your specific problem so everybody can see it quickly and then, be able to help you faster.

WE ARE ALL PICTURE LOVERS! Tongue so if you have some pics of your car and the process, don´t hesitate in post them too... Besides, when you are facing a problem like the one you describe in here, having a couple of pictures that shows your specific doubt help us to help you too...

Anyway... welcome from Uruguay!!! Enjoy our site and we all hope to read your participation in every thread you feel like ok??


Damián Cool

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Have quite a few pics. thru out the project just have to figure out how to get them on here , don't mess with the camara much have to get son to help.I did not see any holes in the box that would acept abracket or a spot where one had been removed.
as for posting pics click on the more tab top right and select Faqs
Hi and welcome to the forum.welcome

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"If I were you...... I´d rather be me."  Tongue

Check out my video:

Welcome to the forums! Glad to have you aboard!

Try this link for info on adding photos to your posts!




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welcomeFrom So Cal.
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