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Hi everybody dealer code Marti report
Welcome from Omaha!

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Hello and Welcome from Michigan.

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John 72 Q Code
(02-09-2019, 05:39 PM)Timecruiser Wrote: Hi All
I have a 1972 Mustang Mach 1 Q code fastback over here in the UK and I’m currently renovating it to factory spec . Looking at the Marti report I have an order dealer code of 13C090 and wondered if anybody knows the name of the dealer

The "13" represents the New York DSO District Sales Office. The district number tells the district where the car is either destined to go or from where it was ordered. The remainder is the specific dealership that ordered that car. You should check with Marti to see if he still have the original invoice for the car. It is a great piece of original paperwork to have.
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Welcome from Oklahoma.


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Hello Timecruiser, welcome to the best Forum you could have picked for you and your 72 Mach 1.
As  rackerm posted, 13 is the sales district the ordering dealer is located. The C090 would identify the ordering dealer.  It's possible Marti may provide you with the Dealer name associated the C090 code or research it for a fee. Since you were able to obtain a standard report, he still has the original Ford invoice. Or....you could reach back into your pocket and order the more detailed  deluxe report since your goal is to restore your car to factory specs.
As the years went by, Dealers changed hands, closed, or had their sales districts changed by Ford. So while the sellng dealer may still be in buiness today, the chances of having the same sales code are slim.
Good luck with your project and remember, we believe there is no such thing as stupid questains, so never hesitate to ask if you have anything you want to run by us!   Smile


No Officer...I really don't know how fast I was going, my speedometer stopped at 140!

As others have said, your best bet would be to order the original factory invoice from Marti for $55. These are the original invoices that Ford used back in the day, not a copy or reproduction. If restoring to original, this would be very nice to have. Here is an example of mine.

[Image: eminger-no-vin.jpg]

1972 Q Code Convertible
That’s a lot of fantastic info to bear in mind . I’ll get in touch with Marti and see if he can help
Thanks again
Welcome from a fellow UK member...Where in the UK are you?

1971 Grandé
(02-11-2019, 07:29 AM)Timecruiser Wrote: Thanks
That’s a lot of fantastic info to bear in mind . I’ll  get in touch with Marti and see if he can help
Thanks again

It is called the Eminger invoice after Lois Eminger who worked as a secretary at Ford
and collected the returned paperwork after delivery.  Notice the sample has "2" stamped on it.
Somehow Marti got ahold of the pile from Ford.  You can see where the dealer signed off
on the delivery with a lead pencil on mine.  I asked Marti how they did that and got a rather
terse response.  May be the Holy Grail of Mustang documentation along with the build sheet.
Pure original and only one exists.  You will need to prove you own the car to get it.  That rare.  
You can see in the sample it was printed on an old line style printer, the letters don't line up.
Also notice the buyer paid $5.20 for 13 gallons of gas, "I" only paid $4.00 for 12 gallons.

Thanks for all your reply’s surprised at how many European owners are out there and to answer Steve I’m in Sheffield South Yorkshire northern England
As I have different order dealer code to that of the dealer that actually sold the vehicle would that mean my car was probably moved from one dealer to another??
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