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Here hold my beer......
my neighbor down the street has a boat. He's invited me to go fishing a few times. But schedules just didnt sync. Today he invites me out of the clear blue to go boat riding. So I gathered the essential beers required.

First we let his nephew ride the tube...then his son...THEN..he turns to me "hey you wanna go" . Well lets insert the fact that I havent gone tube'n in nearly FORTY YEARS!!!!! Big GrinBig GrinBig GrinBig GrinBig Grin

I STILL GOT IT!!!! Cool I hung in there for quite awhile and he whipped me up some and I hung tough!!! It was a load of fun.

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LOL even my sig line offended somebody!
Nice! I haven't been tubing for over 20 years but it's really fun.



M code 71 Mach 1, 351 4V Cleveland, Ram Air (not factory), C6 Trans, 3.5 rear
Fun.last time I went tubing was about 19years ago got a concusion and so did they bloke I ran into. Was still a blast

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Big Fun!

Good for you!

Friend of mine had a ski boat and I would ski but I didnt have the nuts or bolts to get on the tube.

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Yeah it was a lot of fun. I was surprised I could hang in there as long as I did. I told Kent it was just as much fun now as it was back then. Heck...if I'm not mistaken it was so long ago that's WHEN tubing was INVENTED!!!! Big GrinBig Grin

67 Diamond Blue Vert

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LOL even my sig line offended somebody!
Sounds like a blast! If I did that I'd have to take a few days to recover.



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1972 Q code 4 speed convertible 
1971 Mustang Sportsroof  351-2V FMX 
1973 Mach 1 (parts car)
    Funny, I went tubing on the 3rd also. I had to show the kids how to have fun. First was a slalom run at 35mph with a fat 47 yr old on a competition HO Ski. My 8 yr old warned mom that I was outside the wake! Mom promptly told her dad likes it out there.

Next, on the tube with my 10 year old son on a neighboring single tube. My wife was plenty willing to torture me, but she won't abuse the kids, so I had to create my own fun. I showed the kids how to "pirate" a tube by grabbing on and changing tubes at speed. The kids can't stop laughing about that one!
Sounds like a blast!

I kinda miss my old boat. It was a '65 Evinrude Sport 16 tri-hull with an Evinrude Starflight 90 4-cylinder outboard. Got it for $500 from a friend, who couldn't figure out [and wouldn't listen] how to pull the dizzy and reposition it (it had jumped time, and the P.O. to him had put it back in wrong). Lewis gave up on it, and I offered to give him his money back... had it running an hour later. Had big plans to restore and run the crap out of it... and had it on the lake running good. Took Lewis for a spin, and he had a great time tubing (he was genuinely happy I got the boat running and he didn't hafta hassle with it - he was still pissed that his wife made him buy it because it was cute). About the third trip out, my wife was lukewarm on the whole 'boat' thing... so it got parked and sat on the side of the driveway for a few years before I finally gave it away to a friend.


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What ? , no pics ? I"ve been taking my daughters tubing as well lately. My 13 yr old is brave one challenging me to dump her in the turns , the 17 yr old hates it when I speed up . I"ve got an old evinrude 90 hp on a 16 ft boat , fun but actually harder on gas than the mach 1 .

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460 , Edelbrock Performer carb. + intake , 204 / 214 cam , Pertronix Flamethrower 2 billet dizzy + coil , Crites long tubes , C6 .

Ahhhh sounds like quite a few of us like to be kids still. Kents boat has an inboard will run 60 and I could hear that whine and thought here we GOOooooo.
glad to hear you guys out doing the same thing.

67 Diamond Blue Vert

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LOL even my sig line offended somebody!
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