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Her 72 Mach 1
I've enjoyed reading other builds and have learned much about 71-73 Mustangs. I came to this website seeking knowledge and will continue to do so. 

I bought the 1972 Mach 1 for my wife 12 years ago. Originally Ivy glow paint, green interior, 302, 3 speed, console, gauges, Magnum 500's. Non spoiler, hockey stick stripe. It has a 351W 2v motor installed, with headers that fit very well. It is a 71 casting, possibly out of a Galaxy. I've seen evidence that it might be a low mileage engine. The front of the motor is missing everything except the power steering pump. Even the H2O pump is removed. 

It has sat in our shop for 10 1/2 of those years. My wife disassembled the interior 7-8 years ago. Life got in the way and we are now going on a journey to restore her Mach 1. Neither one of us has the skills or knowledge for the bodywork. At one time we fancied the idea of doing it ourselves. That isn't reality for us at this point. I have at one time or another in my 50 years worked on every part of a car (except setting up rear end gears or rebuilding a transmission). My wife is very mechanically inclined and doesn't mind greasy dirt and oil. We are on the schedule for December to bring the Mach 1 to the bodyshop. So here we go...

[Image: 09-23-19.jpg]
Last night my wife was successful in removing the rear window trim. She also pulled the carburetor and installed an engine lift plate. Temporarily with carb hardware, as we need to buy some appropriate graded bolts for lifting. My brain automatically tells me grade 8, but it has been some years since I studied shear loads and such.
A full floor replacement is what will take place. The floor condition is what stopped us years ago. It was purchased (cheap) knowing the floors were rotted between the tunnel and rockers.

[Image: passengerfrnt.jpg]
[Image: driverfrnt.jpg]
[Image: bck.jpg]
[Image: drvrckr.jpg]

[Image: 351W.jpg]
The radiator support got bent when removing the Mustang from the yard it sat in. The yard was covered in dog crap, every, square, inch. My other brother was brave enough to get down on his hands and knees to do the hookup for the tow truck. The tires were flat and the only reason the floor pan wasn't touching the ground was the rear suspension holding up the rear and the oil pan holding up the front. With the stench and dog doo everywhere my other brother mistakenly looped the chain around the first thing that looked like a cross member to pull the Mach 1 out of the dirt so it could be dragged up onto the flatbed tow truck. All these years later my other brother is still offering to pay for a new radiator support. But I reminded him the other day that I have not forgotten all the dog crap and he was the brave one to get down on the ground. Not his fault.

[Image: radsuprt.jpg]
The previous owner started doing bodywork. Both fenders, hood and passenger door were replaced. Supposedly because they were in better condition. I've not seen evidence of a major front end accident. Probably a minor accident though, because the front valance is gone. The grill and endura bumper aren't damaged, but the bumper bracket on the drivers side is tweaked.

The hood at one time had the ram air components installed, vacuum lines are still there and screw holes and outline are there. Previous owner sold shock tower braces, one rear tail light, rear valance and honeycomb panel.
Looks like someone tried to pull it by the radiator core support.

(10-06-2019, 11:46 AM)kcmash Wrote: Looks like someone tried to pull it by the radiator core support.


We did. Read post #5. The poop post..... Haha

Take lots of pics from nose to tail and top to bottom. Then take some more pics. Trust me you will need them.

- Mike
You're going to need a welder  Chin

[Image: siggy.jpg]

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