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Help with Routing of Vacuum lines on 302 Motor
Hi Guys as this is a different question I figured it would be better to post it as a seperate thread

I do not know if any of the vacuum lines are connected properly so below is a list of how things are connected.
Can anyone let me know if they are properly connected as I have no clue and am sure the motor will run fine once they are sorted out.

Vacuum connections

Rear of manifold has 2 seperate NON electrical units screwed into it that have connectionss to attach vacuum hoses to

UNIT 1 has the ability to connect 4 vacuum lines to it
one connection is not connected to anything and blocked off with a stopper
one connection has a vacuum line that goes to the distributor
one connection has a vacuum line that goes to a pipe that goes below the firewall and under the car. (possibly to auto trans but I am not sure???)

Unit 2 has the ability to connect 2 vacuum lines to it
both connections were not connected to anything and left open to the air, I noticed this today and got a vacuum hose to connect them together so thery are not venting to the air or causing a leak.but I have no idea what would have originally gone to them.

Distributor has 2 vacuum lines going to it
one connection was mentioned above and connects to the 4 vacuum line unit bolted to the rear of the manifold
The other distributor vacuum connection goes to the side of the carburator

Any help on how to properly connect all this stuff up will be greatly appriciated
motor is a 302
What year is the car. I have a vac diagram for a 73.

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