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Hey guys! Hopefully someone answers this soon cause I want to drop my engine in tomorrow but I'm having motor mount issues! Basically my problem is with the rubber/steel bracket that attaches to the engine. I have both 7/16" x 4" and 3/8" x 4" bolts to slide through the frame bracket but the 7/16" barely won't fit and the 3/8" fits but has a good amount of play? Which should I used? The engine is just a 302 stroker. Can anyone check the size of theirs on any small block car???
I'd think that you would want it pretty snug, and amount of play may cause the engine to 'clunk' on its mounts. Someone else may have a better answer faster...I can check mine when I get to the garage tomorrow.

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well i'm no help i did this 3 years ago, and i used a AMK kit that came with the engine bolts labeled so i don't know what size they are.

i did have to hammer mine in due to how tight the replacement rubber isolators were Sad

use the tighter fitting bolt.
Engine mount to frame bracket through bolts are 3/8" X 4 11/16" flange head bolt with a flanged locking nut. The slop will be gone when you tighten the bolts.

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