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HELP! No Bumper Braces in trunk!!
    PLEASE can anyone help me? 1973 Coupe. Body shop ripped me off. 4 yrs, BIG money!! and had to take my car out before shop went under. Yes, I know, I was stupid. Now reading on site, I found, I have No rear bumper braces in my trunk. Car is painted. In my garage. I need some directions as to how I can correct this issue.


No need to worry! They are $12.95 a piece and they just are welded into place.


Thanks. Seems like everything on my car is either missing, weak, or broken. I tore her apart back in 08 and now trying to figure out what the body shop did, lost or did wrong is crazy. At least you all on this site have been Very helpful. I am sure I will have more major questions in the future.

Hi the 71-3's don't actually support the bumper
They weld to the trunk floor
Don't really seem like they do much unless the car is rear ended.

I have them in stock

Also your wiring for the tail lights should run between the tail light panel and the filler pipe brace.
It will help keep it tucked out of the way
And this is why i havent had a body shop touch my car yet. Sorry to hear it. But the trunk looks really clean!
I have made up my mind to learn to weld today. That was the only reason for the body shop needs. Well no telling what eals they have left off the car. So, plan now is to start at rear end and look at every inch and compare it to body manuals. I have the Ford 1973 Body Shop Manual in hand and it blows my mind there is no brace noted in it. Here I go inch by inch. Wish me luck! Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks.

I went though all this a few months ago.
check out the link below, and the pictures I have attached.
they are welded to the floor an they pushed agents the tail light panel. they don't support the bumper at all from what I saw, like Don said.


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[Image: 2zem9nk.jpg]
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Thank you for your information and link. I have looked at all photos as well. Wow! You did a great job with yours. Did you re install the braces? It looks like you did. If anything, as I was studying your photos, it came to me that even if they do not look like they support the bumper, if rear ended, it looks like the pressure would be displaced better, then just with the sheet metal. What would been the general belief of 71-73 Big Boy Mustang owners?

I think, if you got rear-ended, it took the pressure and applied it to the frame rails.
and yes I did re install them, they were only $12 each.

[Image: 2zem9nk.jpg]
1972 Mustang convertible run_horse  
Visit the Mustang Car Club of New England Facebook Page

Visit the Mustang Car Club of New England Web Page

If installed correctly, they will provide rigidity or structural support for the tail panel to where the bumper bolts in. They are weld to the trunk floor and to the tail light panel. Also known as Bumper Mount Reinforcement.

As one can see, the reinforcement bracket, depicted with hidden lines, is part of the structural support for the bumper mount.

[Image: i1xljn.jpg]

Thank you

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