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Help needed; '71 Mach worth buying?
Hello, I'm new on the forum and as a newbie in need of help/opinions/tips.
I'm from Finland and been looking for this '71 Mustang Mach 1 that's on sale;
http://www.nettiauto.com/ford/mustang/5899225 (pics are really bad, sorry -been struggling with them myself)

However, there's several weird thing about this particular Mach, e.g.
-paint (not original factory color?, two-tone hood without working ram-air?)
-rear bumper guards (never seen those on Mach)
-gas tank cap (should Mach 1 have pop up cap?)
-rear suspension (is it jacked up with blocks etc?)
-rear decal (has both mach 1 and mustang logos?)
-dual exhaust (should 302 cid have only one pipe?)

What do you guys think, is it worth buying? Any tips and details I should check. It's 302 cid, brought from the States last summer. Motor and tranny are said to be renovated, paint is not original. It's 12000€=16000$.
It's a limited market in Finland, so the prices are bit higher than In USA, getting a car from States would require roughly 1500-2000$ for shipping + taxes.

All opinions and help is appreciated! Thanks already!
I would of course make an offer which would be significantly lower than the asking price, but I'm not sure if this one is worth purchasing
at all. I would eventually like to restore it close to original. VIN matches for '71 Mach with 302 cid.
Lousy stripe job, but it does seem to add up. In response to your questions:
  • Bumper guards were part of the exterior Protection Package, though I don't recall if this was available when the urethane bumper was carried in front. Have to check.
  • Cap is correct for a '72, but there may have been a running change in the pop-down cap.
  • It has been jacked up via longer shackles. Can be reversed with stock shackles.
  • Since they put the side stripes too low, they couldn't use the "Mach 1" fender decals along with the corresponding "Mustang" lettering below it. With two "Mustang" decals left over, I take it they decided to slap one on the trunk. Tacky, but, again reversible.
  • Exhaust is not original, nor are the tips. The rear valance has no cutouts, which indicates it had a single exhaust to start with, which would be correct for a base 302 (as a side note, 1971 Boss 351's and '73 models were the only Mustangs of our era to come with dual exhausts with turndowns and no cutouts).

The hood outline is also narrower than factory, but not unacceptable enough for harsh criticism.

Some time with a stripe remover, a bit of polishing, and a new stripe kit could rectify the most offensive (if originality is a concern) appearance issues with it. I wouldn't exclude the car from your shopping.


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Thanks for the info!

I've seen bumper guards on the option list, but with mention '(NA Mach1...)'
The stripes would have to go anyway and I've been thinking of getting it repainted (and taking account of that in my offer).
I've heard that the extension shackles are bad for handling. Do they wear other parts?
You would need to definitely check it out in person as most importantly to most would be to make sure it has a sound body. Check the body panels for rust repair to see if quality work was done. Check the floor pans and trunk floor. The cowl area, where the plastic grills are in front of the windshield, are notorious for rust through and can result in water leaking inside on the floor boards and carpet.

Of course, the wheels are not stock either.

Looks like the seller would have cleaned it up a little better for that selling price. Good luck and let us know what you find out.

Mike AKA Ole Pony & Rare Pony

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upload a photo on internet

Here's a good reference for the correct placement of the sidestripe:


FYI FordIsMyBoss is the owner of this very original Boss 351.


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In 71-72 the rear bumper were available for rhe fastback but not available for the mach 1.
The Vehicle Identification Number will let you know if its a true Mach 1 or a just a Fastback.

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The hanging insulation in the interior under the dash is a sign that someone has been working in that area, or that water is coming through the cowl- make sure to get a good look.

The car will need new rear leaf springs, the shackles are there to keep the rear end high enough with worn out springs- If it has air shocks, the upper mount/attachment needs to be inspected.

Here in the states I would consider that a 5000 car (Honestly I've seen nicer for less) but I don't know if importing these cars is a practical option for you.

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"I love my Hookers!" and "Get some Strange" probably have a different connotation to non automotive enthusiasts!
I agree with everything everybody's mentioned - pay attention especially to the rust-prone areas (floor pans, shock towers, rear upper shock mounts, battery tray/appron, cowl, firewall, quarter panels, rocker panels, lower door areas, and trunk area). You'll also want to check for the presence of bondo (filler) in the front sections of the fenders - it seems like every one of these cars I've seen have had some kind of front fender damage because of the drivers not realizing just how long they are.

The rear bumper guards could be from a swap during any repairs that were done prior to the repaint. I'd also want to see the VIN to make sure it was a Mach 1 vs. Fastback - that by itself should affect the asking price, as well as some of the other "oddities" that are either non-Mach 1, or being potentially a poorly done "Mach 1 clone" (stickers, mostly).

Good luck with it - I hope it goes the way you want it to. Big Grin


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I also agree with all the info mentioned above.

Additionally, the headlight bucket housing trim pieces look like the 1973 version and not the 71-72 version.

[Image: 386_07_10_13_5_58_42.jpeg]
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Don65Stang;164091 Wrote:I also agree with all the info mentioned above.

Additionally, the headlight bucket housing trim pieces look like the 1973 version and not the 71-72 version.

Holy Cow! Nice catch!! thumb

"Dead Eye Don," That's what we'll start calling you. rofl


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