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Help identifying wires please
I am helping a nice lady fix her 73 mach 1 and could use some help identifying some bare wires I found in the harness while installing an electronic distributor.  They are in the same loom as the coil + ,choke wire and temp guage. They are black with yellow, brown, red . I found a diagram but I'm not very good at reading them. I figured I'd ask someone with more knowledge than me. Thanks in advance for any help. I'm trying to add image but I'm not sure working.
[Image: 20190424-105057.jpg]

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Here are some pics of my wiring before I cleaned and for some reason I did not take after cleaning, lol.
I am same way with the Ford wiring diagrams they suck.
This car has every option, AC, PW, rear window defrost, AM/8track, 70 amp alternator so lots of wires in there.

[Image: DSC-0946.jpg]

[Image: DSC-0947.jpg]

[Image: DSC-0948.jpg]

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Hard to tell from the picture if the yellow colors are dots or hashes, and if the base color is brown or black. Does the car have air conditioning? Black with yellow hash could be for the air conditioner compressor clutch, red with yellow hash is part of the EGR, brown with yellow dot is also emissions related.

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Yes it's an air car but it's all missing. Thanks for the info! I was hoping one was for the tach.
(04-24-2019, 02:54 PM)Slickrockdad@aol.com Wrote: Yes it's an air car but it's all missing. Thanks for the info! I was hoping one was for the tach.

Tach is wired in series with the coil, so no separate lead like a GM. It's called a "current driven" type, which reads the electrical pulses as the coil charges and discharges, converting that to a reading on the tach. 

Depending upon what electronic ignition you are setting up, you might need a tach adapter.

The tach is current sensing and works directly off the wire that runs from the ignition switch to the ignition coil. You can see how it is wired in a diagram in post #4 here

“If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough.”
--Albert Einstein
I put a hei unit in it, the tach never worked before but I'm going to attempt to fix it.
The HEI distributor has a tach output that will not work with the factory tach as it. You basically have two options. A tach adapter (hit and miss if they work and depends on what HEI distributor you went with) or have rocketman (a member on here) do a tach conversion on the tach itself.

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