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Help identifying trim pieces
Ok, started stripping all the trim from my 71 convertible in preparation for body work/painting. Lots of the trim is in bad condition but I've been able to find a number of repros at the usual dealers. One thing I cannot identify, however, is a small piece that runs along the back of the hood, and has a small finishing piece on each side that sits on top of the fender by the window supports. I'm adding a pic with some arrows to help.

Anyone know what these are and where I might find them?
Thanks in advance.

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[Image: 2232_31_10_13_3_54_58.png]
Hello FastEddie,

I believe that they are part of the bright trim package. They are not reproduced. Here are the Ford Master parts pictures and part numbers to look for NOS.

[Image: wa26ol.jpg]

[Image: n37k94.jpg]

[Image: 33fb0vs.jpg]

[Image: 314ecrl.jpg]

Source: Ford Motor Master Catalogue

They are a nice addition when that are cleaned up and or restored along with the bright Windshield trim.

mustang7173Big Grin
yup as far as i know they are not reproduced. you can get the originals fixed. they take the dents out, polish it and then redip the parts, the dipping puts a very thick clear coat on the parts. the parts are polished aluminum not stainless. so if you polish them and do not bright dip them, they will dull and stain within 3 days.
Bright dip or clear anodize?


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i was told it is called "bright dip".

it is like a plastic coating or thick clear coating.
Mustang7173, thanks for the assist! 72HCode, any thoughts on the type of local outfit I would look into doing such a thing?

[Image: 2232_31_10_13_3_54_58.png]
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