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Help identifying a sheet metal part om the cowl

.jpg   apron.JPG (Size: 124.04 KB / Downloads: 74) Im in the process of replacing my upper and lower cowl in my 71 Mach 1. Can anyone tell me what the piece that connects from the rear apron to the top of the upper cowl is called and where I can source these? Mine are shot on both sides.and I need replacements. Thanks
They are not made new
You have to fix your old ones, find good used ones or fabricate them
what are they called?
Cowl Apron Extensions (or something like that). If you can find a good donor car, after you pull the fenders you can drill out the spot welds and transfer them over to the repair.

That one doesn't look too horrible. Clean it up, plug weld the holes, grind 'em smooth and nobody will ever know. Wink Big Grin

Looks like you're new here - when you get a chance, jump over to the "Introductions" section and post up a new thread so we can properly welcome you to the Best Mustang Site ever. thumb


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