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[Help]Carb tuning Autolite 2100
Alright since I can't just go out and buy every tool in the world. Whats the best way to tune the carb without spending lots of money. I heard of just using a vacuum gauge on it would work. But I want advice from a forum I can trust. Now I believe she is running rich. Has a smell on idle not to bad. Once I open here up and raise the RPM's the smell gets really strong. There is no gas coming out of the pipes and I don't believe its burning oil. Just think it is in need of a good tune or atleast one that will allow me to drive it to get it tuned somewhere. It'll idle fine. And if I baby the gas pedal I can get it revving up. But if I just press the gas pedal once I am at a complete stop the car dies. Any help Smile
1) Definitely use a vacuum gauge to tune it and adjust the timing, MUCH easier than a tach in my opinion because you just plug it in and off you go.

2) What altitude are you at? The higher the altitude, the smaller the jets you have to install. If you have too large of jets you'll run rich no matter how you adjust your idle screws and other adjustments. Mine was running too rich and it would seriously bog down when I got on the gas.

3) Do a youtube search, lots of good videos on carb tuning on there.


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